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4oD iOS and Android apps can now stream over 3G and 4G

You can now stream Channel 4 programmes over 3G and 4G as well as WiFi on your iOS or Android device. 

Updated versions of Channel 4’s catch up and on-demand are available to download from iTunes and Google Play now.

As well as giving you episodes of Hollyoaks, The Big Bang Theory and season one of Utopia (protip: you really, really should watch Utopia), the new app will also let you watch 4shorts – new online only four minute shorts from Channel 4. 


All the Jamie Oliver you can shake an iPhone 5S at: Stream Food Tube on your phone from July
All the Jamie Oliver you can shake an iPhone 5S at: Stream Food Tube on your phone from July


The first original shorts will be available on 4oD next month. Upcoming 4shorts include Craic Addicts, where Chris Greene and Peter Ganley takes a look at online and pop culture trends and Two Players which sees two celeb friends chat and play video games together. Made In Chelsea stars Binky and Mark-Francis starring in Educating Binky, which will look at fashion tropes from the Victorian period to the 1980’s. Each series will contain 12 four-minute episodes. 

Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube shorts will also be launching on 4oD, with 60 servings of five minute morsels hitting the service from July. 

Richard Davidson-Houston, Channel 4’s Head of Online said that short form content is an “incredibly exciting development both for viewers and for producers.”

“We’ve already had a great response to shorts from some of the UK’s most innovative new indies. Our doors and minds are wide open to ideas from forward-thinking producers who want to join in with this exciting new development.” 

It’s not yet known if you’ll be able to download these new shorts for offline viewing, which you currently can do with the 4oD apps, provided you’ve registered with 4oD.