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53 per cent of UK viewers can’t remember what they watched last night

Samsung has released results of a survey that shows that over half of the UK can’t remember what it watched on TV last night. The 1,000-strong poll shows that just 47 per cent could remember everything that they watched on TV the previous evening.

The figures suggest that older viewers have a better memory recall than their younger counterparts. 58 per cent of viewers polled who were over 60 claimed to remember absolutely everything they watched the previous night, compared to 38 per cent from the 16-29 age group.

53 per cent of UK viewers can’t remember what they watched last night

Samsung is putting this down to younger viewers having more gadgets to hand and engaging in two-screen viewing. TV Licensing’s poll shows that younger people are more likely to engage in what it calls ‘Chatterboxing’ – the act of tweeting or status updating when you’re watching a programme.

Tweets from last night

If two-screen viewing really is the cause for teens dividing their attention between screens, then surely a quick glance at your Twitter timeline from the night before would read like a list of what you watched?

Or maybe the soul-crushing uniformity of reality and talent shows has simply dulled the capacity for lateral thinking among the young.

Samsung comissioned the survey to get a better grip on the nation’s viewing habits as we begin to approach the end of the Digital Switchover.

Russell Owens, Head of AV for Samsung UK said in a statement: “With London switching over to digital next month, we wanted to delve into the viewing habits of Brits. From a time when people planned their evening around what they would watch to now where the typical home has dozens of channels and other gadgets, Brits are now more distracted than ever before.

By using a high definition set-top box such as the Samsung SMT-S7800 or STB-E7900, there’s no need to miss your favourite programme again. Viewers can record one channel while watching another or even pause, rewind and fast forward live TV and we’d encourage people to convert their TV sets to digital today.’

Maybe Samsung could add another string to its Smart TV bow and develop a ‘Tweets From Last Night’ TV app to help our memory-addled yoof.

Alongside the BBC iPlayer, Acetrax and Lovefilm apps Samsung’s well positioned to rebrand itself as the leading light in improving memory recall as well as the connected TV arena.