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A cold stream of consciousness: Digital Voices 01/09/2012

If our selection of comments this week is representative, there are a lot of disgruntled former customers of various ISPs out there, and lots of broadband users eager for a change to the status quo.

Digital Voices is our sideways look at the comments that have washed up on Recombu Digital over the past seven days, whether funny, informed or simply incoherent. And mostly angry. So angry. Welcome to Digital Voices for the week ending September 1, 2012.

The Unformation Superhighwayn

Not going back to my old ISP comment of the week: Half a million homes losing 4Mbps of broadband speed, says TalkTalk

They say that one bad customer service experience can lose you a customer for life, but the power of comment can spread your FAIL to the four corners.

TalkTalk put its head above the parapet when it suggested customers could help themselves to faster broadband with a little DIY, attracting disgruntled customers like Dave Jewell, as honey attracts hungry bears:

“What a laugh. The main way to “lose 4MB of broadband speed” is to sign up with TalkTalk. Correction: you may lose 100% of your broadband speed, as in no connection at all. TalkTalk is the worst ISP I have ever used. And they kept trying to invoice me for their services almost six months after I’d moved over to Sky!

“Goodbye TalkTalk. It will be a cold day in hell before I come knocking on your door again.”

Good question of the week: 4G will wipe out Freeview in 1.9 million homes, confirms Ed Vaizey

Sound the alarm! Just as the debate over 4G’s potentially disastrous effects on Freeview reception had descended into sniping over the merits of Freeview, Freesat, and the TV Licence fee, along comes Neil Godwin with a real question:

“I work in a care home with around 40 TV’s, most in residents’ rooms. Sounds like a lot of upheaval for people least able to deal with it.’

Our own Tom Newton was quick to respond that we’re expecting care home residents will get a help package much like that offered during Digital Switchover, with help for every TV.

Never mind the speed, feel the quality: BT Infinity 100 vs Virgin Media 100: Clash of the 100Mbps broadband titans

Barely a week passes without one of the big ISPs complaining about the claims their rivals are making, but what about the user experience?

Virgin Media makes great mileage out of its high speed connections, but those pesky traffic management policies can be just as important as raw speed, as FIY BAA attests on our head-to-head of Virgin and BT’s superfast services:

“VM loses because of its terrible traffic management policy, 10gb caps during peak hours & throttles P2P & Newsgroups till MIDNIGHT. Majority of users who pay for a 100mb service want to download, but you can’t download at full potential. if you don’t obey you get HALF the speeds throughout the day. They should call it a LIMITED service. if they have no caps then it would’ve been the best service.

I moved from VM to BT Infinity & currently getting 60mb speeds, no speed caps only P2P throttling during peak hours (easily bypassed) no disconnects no problems just always the same great speeds. And with BT rolling out FTTH i can’t wait till its in my area.”

Stream of consciousness of the week: What is TalkTalk TV and what is the TalkTalk Player?

Prepare your eyeballs. David E F Page is very excited about TalkTalkTV (clearly he doesn’t know Dave Jewell) on YouView, as are we. And he makes some good points about advertising on subscription TV channels, though it’s a mystery why he thinks TalkTalk will be any better than Sky.

But how excited do you have to be before you dispense with full stops and capital letters, to download your thoughts as breathlessly as a sex scene from Fifty Shades of Grey?

Here we go:

“talktalk tv looks like being an up and coming programme finder i’m hoping it is going to even t easier to use, at the moment it’s difficult to see what your actually getting with so many different tv players and boosters which i have yet to fathom out all though the outlook looks good probably better than sky who have to much to pay for advertising and too many repeats and programmes which you pay for even with adverts, why don’t they change from putting adverts in the programmes and have channels that are sponsored by adverts and programmes that are sponsored by companies that require promotion with out the use of adverts in the programme 4-5 x for 5 minutes each that i’m paying for, i certainly don’t want to stop advertising but i don’t like paying for something i have not asked for.”