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AllCast brings back Chromecast functionality

Android owners will once again be able to stream images, videos and music stored on their devices as Allcast regains its Chromecast functionality.

The app had the feature until Google pulled the plug on third party apps streaming to the media dongle as the software development kit (SDK) wasn’t yet finalised.

According to a report by Gigaom, Google released the official Chromecast SDK to developer on Monday, meaning that AllCast could regain the features it had the previous August.

The AllCast Android app was quickly updated on Tuesday morning in the Google Play store.

In a Google+ blog post, AllCast developer Koushik Dutta said that Google’s Chromecast team had notified him of the re-released SDK, prompting him to re-implement the feature in his app.

Dutta said that someone in Google indicated that Chromecast support should work with the existing AllCast design. “It would be almost no extra code on my part. He was right. The implementation was very trivial. Took me maybe 20 minutes,” he said.

“The new Chromecast SDK supports the MediaRouter ACTION_PLAY/CATEGORY_REMOTE_MEDIA, which makes the Chromecast a good citizen of the Android media router framework,” said Dutta.

Dutta also published a YouTube video to show the app in action with a Chromecast dongle connected to an HD TV.

User will also require Google Play Services 4.2 for AllCast to work with a Chromecast; Google started updating Android devices to the latest version on Monday.


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