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Allpay Wireless Rural Broadband: Garway and Peterchurch come online

What’s new for Allpay Wireless Rural Broadband? 

Garway and Peterchurch come online

Allpay Wireless Rural Broadband: Garway and Peterchurch come onlineAllpay Broadband is now available in the Herefordshire areas of Garway and Peterchurch.

Though this was originally thought to be live and kicking by November last year, the service is finally up and running, beaming speeds of up to 35Mbps to residents covered by the wireless broadband footprint.

Though you don’t need a phone line for wireless broadband (and therefore avoid having to pay line rental) you will need a line of sight to the main transmitters. You can check on Allpay’s site to see which parts of Garway and Peterchurch are covered.

Allpay now has 20 wireless broadband masts up and running around Hereford and plans to set up another to the north east of the town, near Leominster.

Allpay’s broadband packages start at £15/month for a basic 2Mbps service with unlimited downloads.

February 12, 2013

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What is Allpay?

Allpay is a provider of wireless broadband based in Herefordshire. With services providing speeds of up to 35Mbps and unlimited usage, Allpay’s packages can be tailored to suit everyone.

Allpay wireless broadband is transmitted (over the 5.4 and 5.8 GHz frequencies) to homes over the air from a master aerial. Rooftop aerials pick up the wireless broadband signal and from there an Ethernet cable runs down into the home and connects to a wireless router.

The main advantage of Allpay wireless broadband is that as there’s no phone line you don’t have to pay BT or anyone else for line rental. There’s just the one-off installation cost, payment for your broadband and that’s it.

Allpay Wireless Rural Broadband

How much does Allpay cost?

Allpay has two main services, Allpay Broadband Home and Allpay Broadband Business.

The standard Allpay Broadband Home package costs £15/month and gives you basic download speeds of up to 2Mbps, uploads of up to 0.5Mbps and unlimited downloads.

There are also 4Mbps, 10Mbps and 35Mbps packages available, with prices rising accordingly.

Allpay Broadband Business can be tailored depending on what your company needs and can offer speeds of up to 35Mbps.

Installation fees to cover the cost of a wireless broadband antenna being fitted to your home works out at £100 for most of Allpay’s services. Before installation, Allpay will survey your home or property to determine where to best place the antenna.

Seeing as wireless broadband depends on good line of sight with other transmitters, your aerial will be placed in the highest possible point. If the initial survey (which is free) reveal any additional work if there’s a line-of-sight/reception problem, then the cost of installation could increase.

Where is Allpay available?

Allpay is a based in Herefordshire and primarily serves the city for Hereford and surrounding areas.

To date, the following areas can receive Allpay broadband:

Allensmore, Burghill, Clehonger, Dinedor, Hereford, Garway, Golden Valley, Kingstone, Madley, Peterchurch, Preston on Wye, Staunton on Wye, Swainshill.

Allpay Wireless Rural Broadband

Areas that are on Allpay’s shortlist to receive wireless broadband service or are in the process of getting wireless broadband are:

Brobury, The Bage, Callow, Credenhill, Dorstone, Ewyas Harold, Hoarwithy, Kenderchurch, Letton, Longtown, Marden, Moreton on Lugg, Peterstow, Pontrilas, Vowchurch, Wellington.

We’ll update this section as and when more areas are added to the Allpay wireless network.

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Garway, Golden Valley and Peterchurch to get connected in November

Allpay has confirmed via a blog post the next three locations where its going to be transmitting wireless broadband – Garway, the Golden Valley and Peterchurch.

Wireless broadband from Allpay, providing speeds of up to 35Mbps, will come online in the Herefordshire locales ‘hopefully by the end of November.’

Allpay Wireless Rural Broadband: Garway, Golden Valley and Peterchurch to get connected in November

Admittedly this is rather vague, but one of the benefits of wireless broadband is that as it doesn’t need a phone line, so getting it set up and installed is relatively quick. So once it’s available it shouldn’t take long for Allpay to sort out Peterchurch residents.

November 1, 2012

  Herefordshire Housing tenants get free 10Mbps broadband  

Allpay Wireless Rural BroadbandAllpay has signed a deal with Herfordshire Housing which will see tenants able to get free broadband, up to 10Mbps, over the next five years.

A total of 5,500 Herfordshire Housing social homes will be able to sign up for the free service starting at homes in Innesfield in Clehonger.

Peter Brown, Herefordshire Housing chief executive said; “We chose the scheme at Clehonger to test the Allpay system as it is a rural location and BT have only been able to provide [up to] 2Mbps to this point.”

Allpay is a provider of wireless broadband, and uses Motorola Point-to-Point (PTP) Wireless Ethernet Bridges to transmit broadband services on the 5.4 and 5.8GHz frequencies to people’s homes.

Using wireless receivers mounted on rooftops, a standard CAT5 Ethernet line runs down into the home and then plugs into a standard wireless router. As no phone line is needed, there’s no need to pay BT or anyone for line rental.

“Broadband is increasingly becoming the fourth utility,” Brown added. “We want as many tenants as possible to benefit from having high-speed internet access in their home.

Allpay plans to have all 5,500 homes covered by the end of 2012. After Clehonger, houses in Ross Road, Hereford and Bryngwyn Court will be the next places to benefit.

Allpay’s Managing Director Tony Killeen weclomed the partnership, saying: “Allpay already helps housing associations across the UK with the collection of rent through our bill payment systems, so it is a natural fit for us to provide them with broadband solutions as well. Digital and financial inclusion are high up the Allpay agenda and we are delighted to be working in partnership with Herefordshire Housing.”

Allpay’s 10Mbps service typically costs £29.00 a month with no BT line required and no limit on downloads.

May 9, 2012



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