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Almost three-quarters of British homes have a WiFi network

Britain is the world’s second-biggest adopter of WiFi at home, with more than 70 per cent of homes operating a WiFi network.

South Korea leads the world ranking at 80.3 per cent WiFi take-up, with the UK at 73.3 per cent and Germany and France both at just over 71.5 per cent.

Strategy Analytics world WiFi penetrationBy the end of 2011, 439 million households worldwide had installed home Wi-Fi networks, equivalent to 25 percent of all households.

Research firm Strategy Analytics predicts that by 2016, nearly 800 million homes worldwide will have WiFi – a penetration rate of 42 percent.

Jia Wu, senior analyst at Strategy Analytics for connected home devices, said: “Developed broadband markets are currently the leading countries in terms of Wi-Fi household penetration.

“However, because of its population size, China already has the highest number of Wi-Fi households in the world, followed by USA and Japan.”

The USA lags behind at 61 per cent – after Japan, Canada and Italy – but it has the second-highest number of WiFi homes in the world.

Top of the numbers game is China, where only 21.8 per cent of homes have WiFi, but that still outnumbers anywhere else and the market is growing fast.

Analyst Kantideep Thota, author of the Broadband and Wi-Fi Households Global Forecast 2012, added: “As most broadband growth will come from Asia Pacific, the bulk of Wi-Fi household growth will also will take place in China, India and other emerging Asia Pacific countries.

“China alone will account for 31 per cent of total Wi-Fi household growth over the next five years.”

Cover image: midom/Flickr