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Alston Cybermoor project to extend rural Wi-Fi

Residents in the surrounding areas of Alston, Cumbria are to be connected up to superfast broadband as part of an extension to a community-led fibre broadband rollout.

The Cybermoor project is a partially community-built fibre network for the Alston Moor area. The project has already built a wireless broadband network in the area and two years ago signed a fibre infrastructure deal to build out a network to allow homes and businesses in the area.

So far, Cybermoor has laid a cable between Alston Town Hall and Nenthead Primary School with the backing of Virgin Media. This has allowed residents of the area to subscribe to a symmetric 25Mbps connection, according to reports by local business magazine In-Cumbria.

Cybermoor manager Danie Heery told the publication that as load of people in the area have been getting smartphones, tablets and internet TVs over Christmas, “the need for fast reliable broadband has never been greater.”

The community project has also upgraded the wireless services covering Alston, Garrigill, Nenthead, Slaggyford, Carrshield, Ninebanks and Lambley to offer faster speeds and greater reliability.

The organisation said that any resident in the local areas wanting the service should get in touch with its support office listed on its website.

Image: Geograph/Carl Bendelow


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