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Amazing Panasonic Ultra HD 145in plasma TV unveiled in Japan

Panasonic and Japanese national broadcaster NHK have unveiled a 145in Ultra High Definition TV with 16 times the resolution of today’s Full HD screens.

The prototype plasma screen has a resolution of 7860 x 4320 pixels, compared to 1920 x 1080 pixels for contemporary high definition screens.

It’s the second Ultra HD prototype seen in the wild – last year Sharp unveiled an 85in LCD screen at the same resolution.

Panasonic's Ultra HD prototype - Diginfo

Panasonic’s screen is on show at the annual open house event held by the Science and Technology Research Laboratories of NHK (Japan’s BBC) in Tokyo until May 27.

Ultra HD – also known as Super Hi-Vision – has been designed by NHK to match the resolution of the human eye at a typical viewing distance.

Anyone who’s seen Ultra HD will testify to its incredible detail and realism, especially when it’s matched to the 22.2 three-dimensional surround sound format NHK has also created.

NHK expects to start regular broadcasts of Ultra HD by the end of this decade, and Panasonic believes its UHD displays will be in commercial setting like cinemas even sooner.

The British public will get its first chance to see Ultra HD during this summer’s Olympic Games in London.

The BBC is planning to erect giant screens at parks in London, Bradford and Glasgow which will show selected events live in Ultra HD. Hopefully NHK will also bring over an Ultra HD TV while they’re here to help.

Japanese technology spies DigInfo TV captured the Panasonic Ultra HD TV on video, and we’re happy to share it with you.

Seeing an Ultra HD TV on YouTube is about as effective as watching 3D with one eye closed, however. 

Images: Diginfo