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Amazon Fire TV Stick slashed to £25, undercuts Chromecast

It’s a fire sale! Amazon has cut the cost of its Fire TV Stick to the point where it’s now cheaper than Google’s Chromecast. 

The Fire TV Stick is more powerful and boasts more storage than Google’s streaming stick and it offers a better sideline in casual gaming too. 

Many (but not all) of the key services offered by Chromecast – Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube – are available on the Fire TV Stick. 

As there’s no official way to get Prime Instant Video content on your TV via Chromecast, the Fire TV Stick is the most compelling alternative to Google’s hugely successful stick yet. 

It’s not clear for how long Amazon will be apply this discount – from the page on its site, it appears that this is only a temporary thing. If you’ve got an old TV that doesn’t have any built-in streaming services (but is otherwise perfectly fine) then a Fire TV Stick is a good, cheap upgrade kit that’ll give you access to a universe of content services. 

In fact, as it’s so cheap, you might as well not pick and choose between this and Chromecast. As we argued in our review, you could always buy them both. 

If you happen to be in the market for a new phone at the same time, then check out Vodafone’s 4G deals, as they’re still offering a £5 discount off the usual £30 price for Chromecast. 


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