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Amazon launches £35 Fire TV Stick, even cheaper for Prime fans

A few months ago, Amazon launched the Fire TV box, a smart set-top media streamer which gives users easy access to Amazon Prime Instant Video as well as other services and games. Now Amazon hopes to follow up that success with a swipe at Google’s Chromecast – the Amazon Fire TV Stick – with a special introductory offer for fast-acting consumers.

The Fire TV Stick plugs into your TV’s HDMI port and lets you stream all of your favourite content over your home Wi-Fi connection, whether it be from subscription services, catch-up options or your own computer. The device will give users access to much of the same stuff that the full-sized Fire TV does, like high definition video streaming and games.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick features a dual-core processor, dual band Wi-Fi and 1GB RAM, as well as 8GB of internal storage for apps and the like. Another good selling point for Amazon’s dongle is that it offers a physical remote control, something which Google’s offering, and many of the other streaming sticks on the market, so far lack.

Users will have to download Amazon’s iOS or Android app, or buy a standalone remote to make use of the company’s smart voice search functionality however. Unlike the remote for the full Fire TV box, the remote for the Stick doesn’t include a microphone.

The Fire TV Stick will go on sale on April 15 priced at £35 and can be pre-ordered today, but Amazon is offering a two-day promotion for both subscribers and potential subscribers of its Prime service. If you already enjoy Amazon Prime, you can snap the dongle up for just £19. And those who don’t yet have a subscription but want to get on-board can get it even cheaper, at just £7 after a refund.

Obviously, you’ll also have to pony up £79 for a year’s worth of Prime membership too, but it’s a nice sweetener for those who have been considering giving Amazon’s service a spin.


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