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Angry Birds on a hacked Google Nexus Q: Smart TV Tuesday

We’ve been pondering a fair bit about the Google Nexus Q, the Magic 8-ball media streaming hub, and what it might entail for the future of Google TV. And ponder we may as well, for there’s no indication that it’s destined for anywhere outside the US right now (like so many of Google’s releases…).

However this hack from Android developer Al Sutton has got us hoping that Google relents and rolls a few Nexus Q’s toward this side of the Atlantic.

Sutton has hacked a Nexus Q and has managed to get Angry Birds Seasons up and running. Apparently with not too much effort either.

Angry Birds on a hacked Google Nexus Q: Smart TV Tuesday

This isn’t totally revelatory in itself – the Nexus Q is an Android device and therefore most apps and games should work on it. But it’s his thoughts on his Google+ post that we found more interesting:

“If the Q were combined with a simple control system (e.g. an app on the phone which worked as a touchpad for the Q) you’d have yourself, in my opinion, one of the best Android living room experiences currently available.”

We agree and pretty much said the same thing in our opinion piece recently. The Google Nexus Q for us represents a missed opportunity to bridge the gap between Android on phones and tablets and Google TV. It could’ve been an evolutionary missing link that would’ve changed everything.

For now, it just looks liks Google’s me too version of Apple TV; a fecthing little living room ingot from which you can stream Google-sanctioned cloud content from the Play Store.

Hopefully we’ll see some more developed Nexus Q hacks along the way; Sutton says that he probably won’t be doing much more with his Q partially due “to +Google’s plans to make it US only.” We can only hope someone follows in his footsteps.

Or, the Google Nexus U or Nexus R or whatever comes next will be more in line with a true Android living room experience.