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Angry pirates and angry Northerners: Digital Voices 26/05/12

Angry pirates and angry Northerners top’n’tail this week’s selections from posts left by Recombu Digital Readers. Plus a man who thinks Indy racing is better than F1. It takes all sorts.

Welcome to Digital Voices for the week ending Saturday, May 26, 2012. Speak up!

Angry content pirates

The Pirate Bay: Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, O2, Orange and T-Mobile ordered to block site

It’s not surprise that when the UK’s biggest ISPs were finally ordered by a court to block The Pirate Bay, it kicked off a big stink among teh interwebs’ post-capitalist denizens that’s still going on.

Meet caisc22, who writes: “They are delusional. They think they can re-impose on us their old moneymacking lottery system. Our viewing habits have changed but they refuse to allow us to change. They liked it when we were their slaves and only watched one show a week at their convenience, surrounded by commercials. They have to adapt to out new viewing habits.”

The Pirate Bay retaliated to the ban by very calmly pointing out all the ways you can get around a simple site blocking, which the ISPs were only doing to avoid action for being in contempt of court.

Vukue prefers direct action to show who’s boss: “Why would we pay for high-speed connections, only to be told where we can’t use them?

“The fastest way to get rid of censorship is to STOP PAYING FOR THEIR SERVICES and simply use a slow, cheap connection until these modern-day feudal lords realise that they don’t have an income any more.

“They pretty well screwed up USENET with dummy posts. Now they are attempting the same on the torrents — maybe designed to trap the unwary — ONLY take a torrent link from someone with a SKULL and then ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE CHECKED THEIR POSTING HISTORY.”

At Recombu Digital, we say always fear a man who’s not afraid to use caps lock. And definitely beware of anyone who doesn’t have a skull.

F1 2012: the best way to watch

Here’s a secret: I’m not writing this today. I wrote it yesterday so I could watch the Monaco F1 GP today. Is this the best F1 season for 20 years or what?

Well, not if you’re speedprof: “By the way, the greatest race in the World, the Indy 500, is live on Sky Sports May 27 2012. Meanwhile, the slowest and most pathetic of F1 events, the Monaco thing, is on on the same day. Watch both and decide for yourself.”

He’s wrong, just in case you were asking. Indy racing, not exactly an international sport, is it?

Hopper – the ad-skipping PVR we wish would come here: Digital Home

A PVR that records everything and then removes the ads? We’ll take one. BY the sound of it, so will TomasHunter: “It sounds like you guys really like the ideas behind the Hopper. Since Echostar makes the Hopper and makes receivers for FreeSat you never know if something like the Hopper may be headed your way.

“Personally, I have thought Auto Hop was an excellent idea since a coworker at Dish first introduced me to the feature. I find that I have been watching more dramas now. I couldn’t really get into them before because the commercials would always take me out of the moment and out of the story.”

80Mbps fibre broadband opened to all UK broadband providers

It sounds like BT’s high speed fibre broadband at 80Mbps isn’t getting to consumers or businesses at a very speedy rate.

Realist thinks he knows why: “Unfortunately businesses are even less likely than home users to be able to get these faster services – BT is not going to kill their “golden goose” of massive charges for SDSL and leased lines by letting businesses get 80 Mb for £60 per month!”

20Mbps broadband opened to 125,000 UK homes

Friday is traditionally Broadband Rollout Roundup day here at Recombu. Naturally, faster broadband doesn’t get switched on evenly across all regions across the UK every week, and last week’s BBRR saw the spotlight fall more on the south of England.

This enraged keith, who wrote: “Why the South of Englsnd ? are us northerners not good enough, I currently get 100 mbps with Bt and everyone else is the same or slower, we are 7 miles from the exchange and there is no chance of us being upgraded to anything like fast at any time in the future.”