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This Archos USB stick turns your TV into a Windows 10 PC

Archos has revealed its latest gizmo, the Archos PC Stick, which can transform your TV into a fully-functional Windows 10 computer.

In the same week as Lenovo launched its own PC-in-stick-format, the Ideacentre Stick, Archos has revealed a rival device dubbed the Archos PC Stick.

Archos’ PC Stick runs off a quad-core Intel Atom Z3735F chip and offers up 2GB RAM and dual-core Intel HD graphics. All of that weighs just 60g and the PC Stick is just 11cm in length, making it pocket-sized for transporting about – great news if you want to take it with you on holiday.

The Archos PC Stick runs Windows 10 out of the box and works on any screen with an available HDMI port, allowing you to turn almost every modern TV and monitor into your computer display. It also comes with elements of Microsoft Office pre-installed,so you can use Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, and PowerPoint Mobile wherever you find a screen.

As you’d expect from a current Windows device, you’ll also have the benefit of Microsoft’s own AI, Cortana, allowing you to use voice commands with the Archos PC Stick. The device will also link up with your smartphone and offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RF connectivity, so you can use wireless peripherals such as a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, or keep it simple by using your smartphone to control things.

You have plenty of space to carry around media and extra software too, as the PC Stick has 32GB of on-board memory, as well as a micro SD slot to add more memory if you need it.

But perhaps the most appealing thing about the Archos PC Stick is that it’s set to retail for just £79.99, considerably less than Lenovo’s own recently released PC dongle, the Ideacentre Stick 300, which will set you back £50 more.

The advantages of devices like the PC stick are numerous. They’re great for working on the go, will travel with you on holiday or for business and they make great media centre computers too. All you need to do is install Kodi (formerly XBMC) and you should be good to go with all your digital movies and TV shows.

The obvious downside is needing a monitor to plug into, but when the vast majority of home televisions offer HDMI, plus the option for dualscreen viewing, it doesn’t seem like such a problem.

Archos’ PC Stick will be available for ‘back to school’, so we’re guessing sometime around the end of August, to cash in on the lucrative student market. You’ll be able to pick it up from the usual retail outlets.


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