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Ash vs Evil Dead exclusively chainsaws its way to Virgin Media

Virgin Media’s sunk its teeth into some exclusive new content; Ash vs Evil Dead sees Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi returning to the franchise for a 10-part special. 

The show is executive produced by Campbell and Raimi along with Craig DiGregorio and Rob Tapert, the production team behind all four Evil Dead films and from what we’ve seen so far, is incredibly faithful to the schlocky and comedic feel of the source material. 

Ash vs Evil Dead is set 30 years after the original Evil Dead movies and sees Ash Williams (played to perfection by Bruce Campbell) literally unleashing hell after a misguided attempt to impress some ladyfriends goes awry. 

Our own Chris Barraclough attended the launch event last night and was lucky enough to catch the first two episodes. So, is Ash vs Evil Dead worth parking your corpse in front of the TV for? 

Barraclough said: “F**k yeah. If you’ve got any love for horror, even comedic horror, it’s well worth a watch. 

“There’s tons of little nods and references to the wider horror movie canon, which I appreciated, but to be honest, it’s just loads of bloody fun. Unlike the gritty realism of The Walking Dead, this is completely over the top. Buckets of blood, no subtlety whatsoever. 

“Sam Raimi and his brother Ivan are responsible for resurrecting the Evil Dead franchise and they haven’t disappointed.”

Related: How can I watch Fear the Walking Dead? and What is 4K? Ultra HD, 8K and Super Hi-Vision TV explainedAs of today, the first five 30-minute episodes of Ash vs Evil Dead is available to gobble down on-demand. This gives hungry fans the chance to catch up with folks in the US, while they wait for new episodes to land every Saturday. 

Ash vs Evil Dead is available to Virgin TV customers on the £20/month More TV service and above. Virgin TV punters with the £39.50/month XL package will be able to watch Ash vs Evil Dead episodes in HD. 

David Bouchier, Virgin Media’s chief digital entertainment officer, hints that Ash vs Evil Dead is just the first of many new and exclusive shows headed to Virgin Media. 

Bouchier said: “We are very excited about bringing Ash vs Evil Dead to the UK, exclusively for Virgin Media customers. This long-awaited and much anticipated series marks a step-change in our TV programming strategy and demonstrates the true potential for video on demand. 

“By investing in original series and bringing more exclusive TV shows to Virgin Media customers, we are unlocking the power of the boxset once again. Ash Vs Evil Dead is just the start for Virgin Media customers.”

Although the series was filmed in 4K Ultra HD, it’s not currently available to Virgin TV customers in its native format. As and when Virgin Media firms up its plans for 4K TV, we expect that this will change, although nothing’s been announced just yet. 

A second series has already been commissioned by STARZ Network in the US, so hopefully by that time cable TV customers will be able to feast on full fat 4K episodes of Ash vs Evil Dead


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