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Basingstoke’s HiWiFi breathes 16Mbps of life into Hampshire broadband dead zone

A Hampshire broadband notspot has been lit up with a fixed wireless network from Basingstoke-based ISP HiWiFi.

Hannington’s 300 residents will be able to get internet speeds of up to16Mbps using the new wireless repeater, where they had previously struggled to get anything above 1Mbps over a BT landline connection.

They now join broadband-enabled residents in the villages of Hatch Warren, Beggarwood, Chineham, Ibworth and Folly Farm (Kingsclere Estates) near to Basingstoke.

Basingstoke's HiWiFi breathes 16Mbps of life into Hampshire broadband dead zone
The HiWiFi antenna is much smaller than a Sky dish

Tim Robinson, managing director of TxRx Communications, the firm behind HiWiFi, said: “For many years, parts of Basingstoke, including Hatch Warren, Beggarwood and Chineham have been in the Internet slow lane.

“We are a long way from the exchange and there are certain parts of the town which the big communication providers just don’t seem to be interested in.”

The initial installation cost will set back residents £234 to install plus the cost of £30 pre-configured router, with just a 30-day rolling contract instead of 12 months or longer.

Packages start from £25.52/month for a 4Mbps down/1 Mbps up service, £37.79/month for an 8/2Mbps service and a not inconsiderable £66.38/month for a 16/3Mbps service. The upper tier service is primarily aimed at business users and home workers in the area.

Users of HiWiFi don’t need a phone line for the service to be installed, but they can get a free Basingstoke telephone number as part of the package using Skype-style VoIP, and carry over their existing number – but you will need a VoIP-compatible phone.

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