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BBC iPlayer for Android updates, adds support for 10-inch tablets

The BBC has updated its iPlayer app for Android, finally adding support for 10-inch tablets. 

The latest update to the Android version of the catch-up service sadly doesn’t give us the much wanted ability to download shows for later viewing, apparently that’s still in the pipeline.

The main plus of this update is that you can watch full shows on your tablet without the iPlayer app redirecting you to the iPlayer website. 

BBC iPlayer for Android improves 10-inch tablet support
Sir Alan was so happy about the new update he wept tears of hard light

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to BBC iPlayerWe’ve tested out the updated app on the Asus Padfone and Transformer and indeed videos now launch within the app and make full use of the screen. There’s further updates for big screen optimisation coming in future updates which is good as we felt that the on-screen controls are perhaps a bit too chunky.

As well as bringing some love for the big 10-inch boys, 7-inch Android tablets and phones can benefit for some other little tweaks. Generally speaking, there’s not much that’s immediately obvious but we’re noticing that things are a little slicker on our Sony Xperia S which before took a while longer to load and stream programmes.

The update is a welcome one but we won’t be truly happy until we can download episodes of The Apprentice: You’re Fired for offline watching. Programme downloads for iPhone and iPad arrived back in September 2012. It’s an essential feature of the iPlayer app that we can’t wait to make use of on our HTC Ones and Samsung Galaxy S4s.


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