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BBC iPlayer for Android updates: Programme downloads incoming

BBC iPlayer for Android is in line to get programme downloads soon, a BBC mobile developer has revealed. 

David Berlin, who heads development for BBC iPlayer for Android has revealed that the much-wanted feature will be included in a future update soon and that a team three times the size of the iOS development is working on it. 

Berlin notes that excellent progress has been made on releasing this feature, meaning HTC Ones and Samsung Nexus 10s owners can download episodes of Pointless and whatnot to enjoy on the train ride home. There’s no idea for roughly when this update will land at the moment, other than ‘later this year’. 

BBC iPlayer for Android updates: Programme downloads incoming
Programme downloads on iPlayer for Android: Coming when it’s done

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to BBC iPlayerIn a blog post, Berlin mentions that last week the BBC improved the quality of video streams for its Android iPlayer app so that 75 per cent of devices out there can get video streams over WiFi that are on par with what you’d get on iPhones and iPads. 

BBC iPlayer for Android is generally regarded as the poorer cousin of its iOS equivalent. It was only until recently that you could properly watch programmes on Android tablets bigger than 7-inches and iPhone and iPad owners have been able to download shows since last September.

With improvements in streaming quality and 10-inch support now under the dev team’s belt, Berlin says that all efforts are now focussed on bringing programme downloads to iPlayer for Android. 


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