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BBC iPlayer exclusive: Goldie in the Tate Modern looking at Matisse cut-outs. Yes, really.

The BBC has gone all arthouse with its latest exclusive offering; drum and bass legend and occasional actor Goldie taking you on a tour of the Matisse The Cut-Outs exhibition in your living room – via BBC iPlayer and Red Button. 

While at first it might seem like an escaped entry from Charlie Brooker’s very funny and NSFW TVGoHome site, we can assure you it is not. 

The 15-minute programme Goldie’s Private View of Matisse will be available online for seven days, whereas the real-life exhibition will be available to visit from now until September 7. 

BBC iPlayer exclusive: Goldie in the Tate Modern looking at Matisse cut-outs. Yes, really.
TV Gold? Jungle and D&B man Goldie showcases Matisse’s greatest hits

Tickets are priced at £18 whereas the Goldie experience is free, not including the cost of your licence fee. 

Sarcasm aside, what the BBC has done here is take a leaf out of both the BFI and Samsung’s books and bringing high culture into people’s living rooms. 

Last year the BFI launched the BFI Player app on Samsung Smart TVs ahead of a wider rollout to desktop browsers and tablets. Footage included rare and never seen before archive material including films dating back to 1901. 

The Curzon on Demand service also brings titles showing at Curzon’s cinemas to smart TV and desktop screens, making highbrow arthouse cinema available to a wider audience. 

Owners of Samsung Smart TVs can also tap in to the S[edition] app, which lets you buy digital copies of famous works of art and effectively use them as screensavers for you TV. It’s got to be one of the most expensive ways to enjoy art when you factor in the cost of a Samsung Smart TV and your electricty bill if you’re going to spend all day looking at it. Then again, if you’re the kind of person who thinks Damien Hirst’s dots are actually good you’ve probably got more money than sense. 




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