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BBC One HD and Channel 4 HD could replace SD channels in Freeview listings

HD channels like BBC One HD and Channel 4 HD could appear further up the Freeview programme guide. 

Digital UK, the body which manages the Freeview programme guide, has a launched a consultation on proposals for where HD channels could appear. 

This could see BBC One HD and Channel 4 HD swapping position with their standard definition equivalents in the programme guide, moving them further up the channel listing and away from the HD section where they currently sit, right next to the adult channels. 

BBC One and Channel 4 HD channels could replace Freeview SD channels
Flicking through the Freeview channel guide for HD shows might not be such a dignity minefield in the future

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If this happened, Freeview’s programme would be more similar to Sky’s, where the programme guide is front-loaded with HD channels.  Back in the day, when Sky just had a handful of HD channels, Sky had a separate HD section, much like Freeview does now. Currently, there’s just four Freeview HD channels, BBC One HD, BBC Two HD, ITV HD and Channel 4 HD. 

Moving HD channels further up the guide therefore could see an end to the HD section (currently Channels 101-119) as we know it. 

Digital UK in welcoming all input from channel providers, operators, consumer groups and viewers on how to move forwards. The consultation closes on June 5, 2013 with a statement expected to be published in July. 

A survey of over 400 viewers that Digital UK undertook suggests that viewers don’t seem terribly keen on scrapping or keeping the HD section of the guide. More people think that HD channels should be in their relevant section, whether it’s a news channel or a children’s channel, rather than a separate HD section. 

If say the BBC were to launch BBC News HD and CBeebies HD, where do you think they should be in the programme guide? 


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