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BBC Player video streaming service delivers on-demand viewing to Asia

The Beeb’s new BBC Player service will allow Asian audiences to enjoy six BBC channels on demand, similar to the popular BBC iPlayer service here in the UK. Here’s all you need to know about BBC Player.

We love a bit of BBC iPlayer here in the UK, although actually getting it to work when you’re travelling or living abroad can be a real pain. Which is why we’re happy to hear about the new BBC Player service, which is starting to offer BBC content streaming over in Asia.

BBC Player allows Asian users to enjoy on-demand BBC programming via their mobile devices, laptops and other devices. However, as it’s only just launched, the BBC Player service is a little limited right now.

Here’s which countries can use BBC Player right now and what channels they can stream.

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What channels will I be able to watch on BBC Player?

At the time of launch, just six channels are offering content on BBC Player for streaming. These channels are:

BBC Earth

BBC Lifestyle

BBC First


BBC World News

BBC Brit

Where will BBC Player be available to use?

To start with, BBC Player will have a rather limited roll-out. BBC Player will be provided courtesy of StarHub in Singapore, while TM Net will deliver the streaming service to Malaysian audiences. You can expect BBC Player to be made more widely available in the coming months however, with further Asian countries added to the support list.

Can I watch BBC Player on my phone or tablet?

Yes, you can. BBC Player is launching with iOS and Android apps, so you can enjoy the streaming service on your Android mobile device, iPhone or iPad. You can also watch BBC Player content direct through a web browser, on your mobile device or computer. In other words, it’s a very similar setup to BBC iPlayer.

What other features does BBC Player offer?

Like the BBC iPlayer service, BBC Player gives users recommendations of shows they might like to watch based on past viewing sessions. In this way you can find new telly shows when you’ve finished everything on your list. 

This content curation feature is provided by the Skylark framework, provided to the BBC by Ostmodern.


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