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BE Broadband: No fibre broadband in 2012 for everyone

BE Broadband has announced that it’s not going to be rolling out fibre optic broadband connections to all of its customers this year.

The quirky ISP, one of the first to prominently offer punters up to 24Mbps speeds over ADSL2+, announced on its blog that its “not making very good progress on fibre,” and that “we’re unlikely to launch a [fibre] service across the BE network in 2012.”

BE Broadband No fibre broadband in 2012 for everyone

This doesn’t, however, mean that fibre optic services won’t be available from BE Broadband this year, just that it won’t be available across the entire BE network.

BE didn’t go in to the specifics on its blog, but the post mentions that; “We’re still looking into launching a service on a limited basis later this year, combining our unshaped, unlimited network with the higher speeds of fibre-to-the-cabinet. It’s just taking much longer than we’d like.”

BE Broadband 80Mbps fibre in the pipeline

This will come as a blow to BE Broadband subscribers and those with O2 Broadband.

O2 Broadband uses the same network as Be Broadband, which is a part of the O2 Telefonica group.

Those on an O2 mobile contract can get discounted broadband alongside their minutes and messages. But it doesn’t look like that discounted fibre will be available to O2 customers for a while yet.

BE Broadband has been running trials of its own fibre network, with its first live trial taking place in December 2011. In the first trial (see above), the download speed clocked in at 37.44Mbps on an up to 40Mbps fibre line.

In February, BE announced that it would use a combination of its own network and BT Openreach’s fibre network, which is now open to third party ISPs.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) on BT’s network provides speeds of up to 80Mbps and has a minimum speed of 30Mbps. 


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