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Beamly launches real time Votely surveys as it hits 10 million viewers

Beamly has launched a string of new services, including Votely, real-time survey platform. 

The TV-centric social network is giving its users the chance to answer questions like ‘Who should replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear?’, ‘Who killed Lucy Beale?’ and ‘Who would you like to see sit on the Iron Throne?’. 

As votes are logged live, you’ll see other people’s votes stacking up in real time, so if your preferred choice is lagging behind in the race to the top, you can enlist your mates on Facebook to get involved – or keep hitting refresh all night long. 

Beamly launches real time Votely surveys as it hits 10 million viewers

Votely is part of Beamly’s new ‘Frictionless Fun’ initiative that aims to engage viewers with easy to use content that accentuates the viewing experience and isn’t a pain to access. 

The Votely surveys seem like a fun way to pass the time while watching TV shows. In a demo we say, the heads of each of the characters in the above image pulsated and wobbled every time a new vote was posted, making it look like one of the more bizarre minigames from Wario Ware.

‘Fun’ is something that Beamly’s CEO Jason Forbes argues is key if second screen interaction is to ever evolve beyond tweeting along with Question Time

“More than 90% of people on Twitter don’t tweet,” said Forbes. “Frictionless Fun is the result of intense testing with Millennial and other TV fan segments to amplify the level of audience participation around the clock.” 

Beamly extensively tested out Votely during the EastEnders 30th anniversary special this February. 

“For one primetime-show experience we saw over two million votes in less than 48 hours,” Forbes added. “This also gives TV networks another set of capabilities that can be embedded in minutes on their site to drive audiences, engagement and monetisation.” Beamly launches real time Votely surveys as it hits 10 million viewers

‘Frictionless Fun’ isn’t just about polls. Other features launching now and in the future include emoji-style stickers, a quiz creator, user-generated polls and interactive maps, which could come in handy when watching shows set in a sprawling world. 

Game of Thrones obviously springs to mind but it could also be useful to trace characters across the settings of shows like Homeland, Vikings and The Walking Dead as well. Discussions with broadcasters and rights holders will obviously need to happen. Now that Beamly commands an audience of over 10.4 million users, those conversations can start happening. 

You can create a Beamly account online, or sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account. Beamly apps for iOS and Android let you take part in conversations from the couch and if you’re watching catch-up TV you can also make use of the BeamlyOnDemand Chrome extension, which ingeniously screens all spoilers from your social feeds. 


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