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BeeWi launches range of smart home devices

A new range of internet-connected devices have been launched that will enable people to turn where they live into smart homes.

The devices, currently being demonstrated at the CES expo in Las Vegas, can be controlled by an app, according to the manufacturers, BeeWi.

It has launched four devices; the Smart Color Light, Smart Weather Station, Smart Proximity Sensor and Smart Plug. These can be controlled by the the BeeWi SmartPad app and easily connected to the Internet using the Smart Gateway and Smart Gateway Mobile.

The Smart Color Light LED bulb has been designed to replace the traditional disposable light and offers a sunrise mode for waking up gently, disco mode for parties and 15,000 hours of light. The equivalent of a 60W bulb, the Smart Color Light can be directly controlled via Bluetooth Smart up to 50m.

Being able to control home temperatures during the cold weather could save homeowners thousands of pounds. The Smart Weather Station is an indoor temperature and humidity sensor that allows users to remotely control the heating in each room at home. Easily connected to the Internet using the Smart Gateway (sold separately), the Smart Weather Station can also report the last 24 hours back to the user. Powered by two AAA batteries, the station has an efficient one-year’s battery life.

With a range of up to 50 metres, the Smart Proximity Sensor enables families to keep an eye on personal belongings. Keys, luggage and children can all be traced using the Bluetooth connected device, which sends an alert to the users mobile phone if they become separated. Using one CR2032 battery, the sensor has a battery life of one year.

The Smart Plug allows users to save on energy costs by turning off all devices in the home using a personally created program. With an embedded thermometer to monitor temperature changes, heaters can be remotely turned on and off. A motion sensor also offers the user the ability to easily switch on devices from up to five metres away. 

The Smart Gateway connects all BeeWi Smart Home devices to the internet to allow users to control home environments while away on vacation or on business. There is also the BeeWi Smart Gateway Plug. By simply using a SIM card, the Smart Gateway Plug is a totally autonomous internet enabled device that works without a DSL router. With an intrusion and power cut alert, and motion detection feature it is perfect for that dream second home.


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