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Best 4K games for Xbox One X: Enjoy Ultra HD visuals with these gorgeous games

The Xbox One X is finally here, offering 4K HDR gaming at its finest. Of course, the catalogue of Ultra HD-ready games is limited at launch, although we’re expecting this to rapidly expand in the very near future as loads of developers update their existing titles. Here’s our pick of the best 4K games you can play on the Xbox One X right now, plus how to check which other titles will get Ultra HD enhanced graphics support soon.

If you’re lucky enough to own a 4K television and the fresh new Xbox One X console, then you’re ready to blast your way through gorgeous, super-crisp games. We’re talking impressively detailed visuals running at a silky smooth 60 frames-per-second, complete with HDR support for rousing colours and sharp contrast.

So which games support 4K graphics at the time of the Xbox One X’s launch? Read on for our list of the best Ultra HD titles you can play through right now, to take full advantage of and really show off the next-gen graphics.

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How do I know which Xbox One X games are 4K ready?

You need to look for the ‘Xbox One X Enhanced’ logo, which will appear on Microsoft’s online store and the boxes of any compatible titles. You should also see the 4K Ultra HD logo on any games capable of running at that resolution, while the HDR logo will also appear on games that support High Dynamic Range.

Check out Microsoft’s One X Enhanced Games page for a full list of titles which are Ultra HD compatible and those which are currently in development.

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Xbox One X Enchanced games with 4K resolution graphics

The following games are Xbox One X enhanced, complete with full support for 4K resolution output.

Gears of War 4

Gears 4 is a new tale set in the same post-apocalyptic, run-down version of Earth from the original trilogy. Although the main characters have changed up, the gameplay remains as tense and gripping as ever. Take down hordes of alien invaders with some of the most brutal weapons ever conceived, either alone or with up to three of your battle-hardened buddies.

Those grimy visuals really do shine with 4K support on the Xbox One X. The Swarm has never looked quite so disgusting, while the sight of those semi-destroyed landscapes is truly harrowing – and utterly breathtaking.

Halo 5 Guardians

Master Chief may not be the hero of the story any longer, but Halo 5’s campaign has you hunting him down with up to three other soldiers across a trio of diverse and deadly worlds.

While the single player story is great fun, the real reason to check out this latest Halo title is the 24-player online scraps. Frantic is certainly a word that describes the variety of multiplayer modes, while gorgeous is another thanks to the game’s support for 4K visuals on Xbox One X.

Outlast 2

If you want to experience one of the most horrifying games of 2017, we recommend picking up Outlast 2 on Xbox One X. This first person horror game offers as much tension and terror as Resident Evil 7 (another title set to enjoy the 4K treatment soon), and the shocking moments of ultra-violence really shine in Ultra HD.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider

New Lara’s second adventure is getting on a bit now, but a fresh lick of 4K paint and suddenly it looks brand new.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is a great sequel to the recent reboot, offering hours of exploration and tense gunplay in a desolate and unforgiving environment. Although the gameplay hasn’t changed up much, we found ourselves completely hooked until we’d cleared every secret tomb and seen the end credits roll.

Forza 7

Although you don’t get into any brutal car chases and there’s no Hollywood-style story to tear through, Forza 7 offers similar slick racing action to Need for Speed. Fantastic 4K graphics combined with a nippy frame rate means you have no excuse for misjudging that corner, while the huge selection of cars look super sleek. Plus, you can fine tune them in quite impressive detail, right down to individual components.

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Likewise, Oblivion is a classic game that now looks better than ever thanks to the Xbox One X’s 4K support and a timely update. Chances are you’ve played this one before, so we won’t go into any details, other than to say: this is the perfect excuse to blast through the mammoth campaign all over again. As if any excuse was really needed.

Shadow of War

The latest Middle-Earth title is already 4K and HDR ready on the Xbox One X, so you can enjoy this immense open world environment as it was meant to be experienced.

You truly are free to play Shadow of War as you see fit, using either diplomacy or a hefty axe to complete your quests and deal with any enemies. The best bit is the way characters evolve, reacting to your actions and bearing actual grudges. Well, that would be the best bit, if it wasn’t for those bloody gorgeous Ultra HD visuals.

Call of Duty: WWII

This title surely needs no introduction. A fresh release at the time of the Xbox One X’s launch, the latest Call of Duty game takes you back in time, to the times of trenches. Just like the original CoD titles, you’ll be squaring off against Nazi soldiers and officers in war-torn European locations, including the harrowing landing on Normandy beach.

The smoke-filled streets and crater-marked landscapes look truly astounding in Ultra HD, making the One X a great way to enjoy this brutal action game.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

We’re starting to get Assassin’s Creed lethargy here at Recombu Towers – or at least, we were until we installed Origins and clapped our eyes on Ancient Egypt in glorious 4K. Although the core gameplay is very familiar, those Ultra HD visuals really do bring the world to life and make us want to explore every dusty nook and cranny. Plus, with the usual massive scope that the series is known for, you’ll have plenty of gameplay in which to admire the beautifully rendered landscapes.

Xbox One X Enhanced games

Some Xbox One games have been enchanced for the new console, although right now still don’t support Ultra HD output. Here are some of the best.

Need for Speed Payback

We’ve been huge fans of the Need for Speed series for quite some time, and Payback delivers all of that heart-stopping action, complete with incredibly fluid graphics.

A full story-driven single player campaign is the perfect introduction to those blistering races, pitting you against a vicious cartel who double-crossed you. This time around the filth is more deadly than ever, with choppers and tank-like vehicles trying to take you down. Ouch.

Once you’re done there, jump onto Xbox Live for some thrilling multiplayer action. Boasting a great variety of cars and sleek visuals, you’ll be hooked for some time.

You can grab Need for Speed Payback for the Xbox One X from November 10.

Titanfall 2

The sequel to Titanfall offers quite a unique multiplayer experience as well as a new single player story mode, for those moments where you want to take a break from blasting your mates a new one. It’s actually a surprisingly good solo campaign too, with massive open-plan levels and some pleasing gameplay variety.

Although this single player mode is certainly short, the multiplayer mode more than makes up for that, offering the same super-fast manoeuvrability and Titan backup when you build up your meter. Riding on an enemy Titan never gets old, as you attempt to rip out their battery and chuck in a grenade.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

The latest Wolfenstein title is just as insane as the original reboot and The Old Blood, offering up some seriously big guns and plenty of hapless Nazi soldiers to use them on. With some truly hilarious moments mixed in with a grim story of desperation and survival, you’ll be laughing as much as you grimace.

Of course, at its heart, this is an over-the-top shooter with some neat ideas and plenty of intense battles. There’s a half-arsed emphasis on stealth which more often than not goes right out of the window, because let’s face it: you want to sneak around, you play Metal Gear. You want to dual wield mighty machine guns, you come right here.

The One X version of the game has been enhanced to include nicer visual effects, although we’re still waiting on a full Ultra HD version.


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