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Best affordable 4K TVs to buy on a budget

The age of 4K UHD televisions is well and truly here. Not only is there now plenty of content thanks to support from Sky Q, Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, but the TVs themselves are more affordable too.

There are lots of 4K TV options that don’t have to break the bank. You might not be getting HDR or a curved screen with super-minimal bezels in all cases – but you can still enjoy great picture quality with that super high 3840×2160 resolution.

Options now range from as little as £350 for a decent 4K TV and go up as size, contrast and design extras increase in desirability. Here are some of the best affordable 4K TVs you can buy right now.

Best affordable 4K TVs: Hisense 40M3300

A full 4K resolution TV with 40-inch screen and LED backlit display for £350. We wouldn’t have thought it possible long ago but Hisense has changed everything.

The name might not be that well known now but this Chinese manufacturer is making waves in the TV world with its impressive quality at low prices.

This television comes with 4K streaming smart apps like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Video so you can enjoy high-res content right out of the box. Or watch Freeview HD as that tuner also comes built-in. The Wi-Fi and quad-core processing support Anyview Cast and Anyview Stream so you can even fling media from your phone or tablet to the big screen.

Best affordable 4K TVs: Panasonic TX-40DX600B

As affordable goes you’ll be hard pressed to find many 4K televisions for under that £500 mark outside of Hisense. Sitting right on that mark is veteran TV manufacturer Panasonic’s TX-40DX600B.

As the name suggests this is a 40-inch screen, which might not be enough for some. But with that backlit LED display’s 4K resolution, 800 Hz motion interpolation, Freeview HD content and streaming 4K apps like Netflix built-in, that £500 price is really impressive.

Best affordable 4K TVs: Philips 55PUS7181

Jump all the way up to a hefty 55-inch 4K display and the price will only be pushed up to the £1000 mark for the Philips 55PUS7181.

Alright, that’s double the price but on top of the size jump, you also get HDR support for your money and the unique Philips Ambilight tech. This uses lights around the TV to create a halo of light that adjusts to match the image offering a more immersive and enjoyable viewing experience. Built-in DTS Premium Sound, Google Play and Micro Dimming make this a very tempting deal too.

Best affordable 4K TVs: Samsung UE55KS7000

The recent price drop from £1,500 to £1,000 makes this one of the best deals out there right now, and it is a staggeringly good TV.

The Samsung UE55KS7000 uses the company’s Quantum Dot tech which is its alternative to OLED, offering super bright images and rich colours. The result is a really great bit of hardware to show off just how good the colours and contrast range of HDR can be. Of course, it’s also 4K so the resolution on that 55-inch panel is tip-top and with four HDMI ports, plenty of smart apps, like 4K HDR Netflix and Amazon Video, you’ll be getting your money’s worth for plenty of hours.

Best affordable 4K TVs: Hisense 65K5510

Get all the way up to a 65-inch screen with 4K resolution and HDR all for under a grand by going Hisense. This 65K5510 is just £899 with a six-year guarantee at certain stockists.

The powerful quad-core processor, Wi-Fi and app selection for the likes of Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video and more make this a full-on smart TV too. You can even connect a USB memory stick to one of the ports to use the TV as a PVR to pause and rewind live TV – including the Freeview HD that comes built-in.

Best affordable 4K TVs: LG 55EG920V

This is pushing the limits of that term affordable but it represents the first time that OLED has dropped to a price people can actually think about buying. Now you can get the LG 55EG920V for £1,500.

For some, OLED is head and shoulders above all other screen tech when it comes to quality. It achieves the lowest black levels for super contrast, even in dark scenes, it has a refresh rate that’s so fast it’s not even worth comparing and its colours are broader and richer than anything else out there.

This has always meant prices in the thousands. LG recently invested in its OLED manufacturing plants and the result is a sudden drop in price. Now you can get OLED with 4K and HDR for this relatively low price.

Of course, you also get 4K streaming smart apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime but crucially LG also support Dolby Vision. Most other TVs top out at HDR 10 which doesn’t have as many colours and doesn’t go as bright as Dolby. This really is one of the best TVs you can buy, yet it’s relatively affordable.


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