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Best Broadband & Digital Package 2015: Recombu Awards winner

The results are in; the 5th annual Recombu Awards ceremony kicked off with a string of gongs, the first of which for Recombu Digital was the Best Broadband & Digital Package 2015 award. 

There have been many exciting developments in broadband and TV this year, from Virgin Media boosting top download speeds up to 200Mbps to the long-awaited launch of Freeview Play, making the call a tough one. 

But after careful consideration and heated debate, we’ve awarded the title of Best Broadband & Digital Package 2015 to BT for its Ultra HD TV product.

BT Sport Ultra HD represents a milestone in British broadcasting history. It’s the first TV service in the UK to offer live 4K content. 

While the likes of Netflix and Amazon were delivering 4K shows to customers long before BT Sport Ultra HD arrived, BT’s taking things to the next level, setting the standard for others to follow. It’s innovating with new equipment like wireless 4K cameras, allowing TV crews to deliver live sporting action from a range of previously impossible angles. 

It’s breaking new ground by moving out of the controlled confines of studio-based 4K productions and into the live environment. And it’s going to get better; as well as HDR (High Dynamic Range) BT wants to smash the sound barrier with its Ultra HD TV service and roll out support for 5.1.4 surround sound to its Humax-made DTR-T4000 set-top box. 

While it is an expensive, premium product and availability of the service is currently limited, BT has opened the door to 4K TV in the UK and for that reason alone, BT Sport Ultra HD deserves the title of 2015’s Best Broadband and Digital Package. 


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