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Best TV: Choose your winner from Sony, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and more

If you’re looking to buy a new TV, make sure you choose wisely. This list compiles all the top performers from our in-depth reviews, and you can vote for your favourite option.

There are a few important features to consider when you’re shopping around for a TV – and it’s not just the screen size or the price that we’re talking about. You’ll also need to consider what resolution you’re most happy with (4K currently being the high standard, although 8K models are starting to appear), and which image enhancements you’re looking for – such as HDR10+ support, or Dolby Vision.

On top of that, consider what your use habits will require of the screen. If you’re a keen gamer, you’ll probably want to make sure that your new TV supports 4K/120fps through HDMI cable if you want to get the very best from your console, while if you love streaming TV shows then you should check which services are supported by the software of your new telly.

While previous generations of TVs have generally had underwhelming sound systems that have required soundbars, a lot of our top choices offer fantastic audio support as well as picture quality – so bear that in mind too when you make your pick.

Here’s our collection of the very best TVs you can buy right now, from renowned brands such as Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung. Vote in the poll to let us know what your top pick!






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