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Recombu uncovers best TV deals for Sky Sports and BT Sport

The 2013/14 season of the Barclays Premier League kicks off tomorrow and Recombu Digital has rounded up the best deals for Sky Sports and BT Sport. 

In our feature we’ve rounded up all of the cheapest TV deals available from Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk TV, BT Vision+ and BT YouView, to save you the trouble of having to crack out the calculator and work it all out. 

The focus here is on the cheapest entry level price for the full set of Premier League packages – that’s Sky Sports, BT Sport and ESPN all in one bundle – Sky Sports on its own if you just want those channels and BT Sport on its own. 

Recombu uncovers best TV deals for Sky Sports and BT Sport
Game on: We round up the cheapest TV deals for Sky Sports and BT Sport

Where applicable we’ve added the price of mandatory services you have to take, things like line rental, broadband and TV subscriptions, in order to get each sports packages. The main focus is on the price of TV deals giving you Premier League football. 

Best Premier League TV deal for everything – Sky Sports and BT Sport in HD – Virgin TV M+

If you want to get both of the sports services in HD for the least money, your best option it Virgin Media’s Virgin TV M+ package. 

You don’t have to sign up for broadband or a Virgin phone line to get Virgin TV M+, which costs £14/month. Right now, you can get the first six months for £7/month, saving you £42 on your first year. 

The Sky Sports Collection is a bundle deal which gives you Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 and 4 and Sky Sports F1. Sky Sports News is included with the TV M+ package as standard. 

This costs £25.75/month plus an extra £7/month to get those channels in HD. BT Sport (only available on Virgin Media in HD) costs £15. This comes to a grand total of £61.75/month. Sky’s equivalent deal costs £74.25.

Best Premier League TV deal for Sky Sports only – Virgin TV M+

If you want to pick up all of the Sky Sports channels in SD or HD, Virgin Media is your best bet again. 

Combined with the Virgin TV M+ package you can get all of the Sky Sports channels for the grand monthly total of £39.75/month for SD or £48.75/month. 

Best Premier League TV deal for BT Sport only – Freesat from Sky

BT Sport costs £12/month for BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN in SD or £15/month for the same channels plus their HD counterparts. 

You can get all of these channels through a Sky+ HD box if you’re on the Freesat from Sky deal. Freesat from Sky basically lets you use your Sky+HD box as a Freesat box, albeit with access to some extra channels like Channel 5 HD and LFC TV (Liverpool FC’s channel). 

Alternatively, you could connect your Freesat from Sky box to your home broadband router and provided you’re a BT Broadband subscriber, you’d get BT Sport for free in SD or in HD for an extra £3/month. 

BT Broadband starts at £10/month plus standard line rental £15.45. Even though having a BT Broadband line would give you BT Sport for less, the channels are still delivered over satellite and won’t be streamed on the BT line. Your broadband speed won’t effect broadcast quality at all. 


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