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Blinkbox updates Android app with downloads for offline playback

Blinkbox customers with Android tablets can now download content for watching when they’re offline. 

The update rolls out just as Blinkbox inks a deal with Entertainment Film Distributors. This sees titles like American Hustle, The Butler and mobile addiction fable Her (which must make for an odd watch on tablets) coming to the service. 

Blinkbox rolled out the same ‘Watch Offline’ feature to iPad owners earlier this month

Blinkbox updates Android app with downloads for offline playback
Blinking ‘ell: Selected Android tablet viewers can now download Blinkbox movies for offline viewing

Blinkbox co-founder and CEO Adrian Letts said that the company wanted the update rolled out to both iOS and Android users before the Christmas holidays. Letts said: “The ability to watch offline on tablets is one of the most frequently requested features and will transform the way many customers use Blinkbox.” 

“I am pleased that we have been able to introduce download to tablet in time for the Christmas holidays so those who want to sneak off to bed, the pub or even another country can download a movie or their latest box set obsession and take it with them to enjoy without a connection.”

The ‘Watch Offline’ update is rolling out now and if you’ve already got the Blinkbox app installed you should get a heads up in your notif bar; if not head over to Google Play now to make sure you’ve got the latest version. 

Other recent updates to the service include integration with UltraViolet, which means any DVDs or Blu-rays you by that are UltraViolet-compatible can be added to your Blinkbox digital locker. 


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