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Blinkbox app arrives on PlayStation 3

Pay per view movie and TV provider Blinkbox has launched a dedicated app for PlayStation 3 owners. 

The new app will let the UK’s 6 million PS3 owners download movies and TV shows including The Great Gatsby, World War Z, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones on their consoles. 

Blinkbox CEO Michael Comish comments: “Teaming up with PS3 means we can bring the latest blockbuster movies and quality TV series to even more homes in the UK.

“The app further demonstrates our commitment to delivering stellar entertainment to as many people as possible, on a wide variety of devices.” 

Blinkbox app arrives on PlayStation 3

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to BlinkboxWith the PlayStation 4’s launch being right round the corner, the arrival of the new Blinkbox app will give PS3 owners something to watch between spells of Beyond: Two Souls and waiting for the new console to arrive. 

Blinkbox is also available on Xbox 360, iPad and Android tablets, including the Tesco HudlWindows and Mac and smart TVs from LG, Samsung, Toshiba and TV Vision for Philips. Connected Blu-ray players from LG and Samsung can also access Blinkbox. 

Typical costs for the rental of movies is £3.49 in SD and £4.49 in HD. Download to own costs are around £10.99 for SD films and £13.99 for titles in HD. Prices for TV shows vary as some are sold on a per-episode basis while others are only available to buy as boxsets. Prices can be as little as £1.89 for a film in SD (£2.49 for HD) or £9.99 for a boxset (£12.99 in HD). 


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