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Bournemouth businesses to get gigabit fibre broadband

Shops, factories and offices in Bournemouth will be able to get gigabit internet access at reasonable costs as Gigler launches a new fibre broadband package aimed at businesses.

The superfast broadband service is geared towards small and medium-sized businesses in the area. CityFibre, the owner and operator of the UK’s largest Fibre-to-the-Home network in Bournemouth had trialled the service through its Gigler ISP.

With up to 1Gbps download and 500Mbps upload speeds as standard, transferring large files will become much faster and using cloud services more practical, increasing employee efficiency, productivity and improving communications with suppliers and customers, CityFibre claimed.


The trial has already helped a number of businesses in Bournemouth.

“I was so impressed with Gigler at home that I started to think about how I could use it in the business. We upload and download huge files all day long and now it happens in seconds. We do gigabits of data and that happens literally in minutes. It’s just transformed the way we work” says Mark Griggs, director of 644 print.

Greg Mesch, chief executive at CityFibre, said that the trial has already benefitted companies that have taken up the service.

“From an easily affordable £50 a month, companies can plug in to speeds and a quality of internet experience that will be the envy of every business in the county making do with uninspiring, inferior connectivity,” said Mesch.

“These new services complete the range for businesses of all sizes in Bournemouth; complementing the enterprise-grade Internet leased line and dark fibre services we currently offer. This is another important demonstration of CityFibre’s vision – pure fibre infrastructure delivering real benefits to all aspects of a community.”


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