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Broadband better than sex for 25 per cent of the UK

Despite the Internet offering numerous ways for consenting adults to meet up, it turns out that a quarter of us Brits would rather pass on sex than relinquish access to the web. 

Figures from the Boston Consulting Group obtained by the BBC show that further 65 per cent would give up alcohol, 76 per cent would give up chocolate and 78 per cent would rather ditch coffee than be cut off from the web. 

The figures come from a report on the so-called “internet economy,” which contributes to 8.3 per cent of the UK’s overall economy. 

Broadband better than sex for 25 per cent of the UK
No sex or chocolate please, we’re British: More of us would rather get online than get laid

UK: The biggest internet-based major economy in the G20

This 8.3 per cent is mainly driven by online retail, which accounted for 13.5 per cent of purchases in 2010 and is expected to rise to 23 per cent by 2016. 

The report boldly claims that the UK is the most ‘internet-based major economy,’ in the G20 group of developed economies. 

The UK’s web economy is thought to expand at a rate of 11 per cent a year for the next four years, compared to 5.4 per cent for the US and 6.9 per cent for China. 

While this is great news for online businesses and the UK economy as a whole, we’re still not sure what we’d pass up if it meant no broadband. 



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