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Broadband Everywhere beams 20Mbps to Scotland’s remote parts via satellite

Broadband Everywhere is living up to its name by launching a new 20Mbps service that promises to cover all of Scotland. 

The satellite broadband ISP’s KA-band service, previously only available in England and Wales, lets customers enjoy download speeds of up to 20Mbps from £23/month with no line rental.  

For customers not expecting to get superfast broadband from the Digital Scotland or Highlands & Islands plans any time soon (or perhaps ever), the option of double digit speeds right now seems like a good one. 

Broadband Everywhere beams 20Mbps to Scotland's remote parts via satellite
The next time the KLF burn a million quid, they’ll be able to stream it live

Steven Burton, Business Sales at Broadband Everywhere said: “Broadband Everywhere frees users from the limitations of terrestrial Internet connections, and brings fast, reliable broadband anywhere and we are delighted people in Scotland will now be able to benefit from our service. 

“With satellite broadband, there is no need for a phone line or mobile dongle and the connection is unaffected by landscape. If broadband is required at the top of a mountain, in the middle of a field, or simply living in a rural hamlet – this is the perfect service.” 

A crucial feature of Broadband Everywhere’s new packages is that they include static IP addresses. Because satellite broadband ground stations are sometimes based outside of the UK, this makes it difficult for customers to access services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix UK. By assigning a UK-based IP, Broadband Everywhere’s customers should be able to catch up with Strictly and the like with no fuss. 

That said, none of Broadband Everywhere’s packages come with unlimited usage. The cheapest 20Mbps service – Home20 – starts at £23/month and that gets you just 10GB. 

Netflix says that you use about 1GB of data per hour for each stream of standard definition content you use and 3GB per hour if you’re streaming HD. You can tweak the amount of bandwidth used so that you’re only burning through around 0.3GB per hour, but then the quality will take a noticeable dip. 

The Home20+ package gives you a bigger 20GB cap at prices starting at £34/month, while Pro20-30, aimed at home workers and small businesses, starts at £50/month and gives you a 30GB cap. 

Should you exceed your monthly data allowance, you can ‘reset’ your cap by paying a one-off £11 out of bundle charge. Alternatively, you can pay an extra £6/month for the ZONE add-on which gives you unlimited overnight usage (midnight to 6:00am). 

If you’ve already got a satellite dish or you’re able to sort out installation on your own, then you can opt for cheaper Broadband Anywhere packages. If not, then you can opt to have installation and hardware costs spread over 36 months, or pay £450 (£300 for the dish and router plus £150 installation). 

Broadband Anywhere’s service is be delivered via SES satellite ASTRA 2F, located at the orbital location of 28.2o East – the same location as Sky and Freesat. While set up costs are expensive, you’ll also be able to get satellite TV through the same dish as your broadband, so if you were in the market for a new TV package this could kill two birds with one stone. 

While the data and installation costs of satellite broadband and typically higher than most residential broadband packages, until the BDUK (Broadband Delivery for the UK) services start delivering, for many in rural Britain, satellite broadband will be the best option, unless you’re involved in a local community project like B4RN, Fibre GarDen or you’re in talks with Gigaclear

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