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Broadband Rollout Roundup: Superfast Lizards and Welsh Megabits

With BT bogged down with yet more repair work thanks to the wonderful British weather, Broadband Rollout Roundup this week is looking a little spare. That hasn’t stopped progress being made and the UK’s biggest telco gaining some precious inches while the repair teams get on and do their thing.

We’ve got thousands of homes and businesses in Wales able to take up FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) broadband for the first time, faster FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) in Cornwall and talk of Superfast Lizards…

Here’s Broadband Rollout Roundup for 07/12/12.

Gresford and Wrexham get to grips with FTTC

Over 32,000 homes and businesses in Gresford and Wrexham can connect to FTTC broadband as part of BT’s big £2.5 billion rollout.

This follows previous deployment of FTTC in Buckley, Connahs Quay, Mold and Hawarden where fibre is already available.

Nearby Prestatyn and Rhyl however aren’t in line to get any fibre until the end of 2013. But by the end of 2015, 96 per cent of Wales should be able to access either FTTC or FTTP broadband.

BT’s FTTP On Demand program will be live by then, meaning small businesses can pay around £1,500 to convert FTTC lines into full FTTP fibre broadband lines if they wish.

Broadband Rollout Roundup: Superfast Lizards and Welsh Megabits

Superfast Cornwall: Fibre to the Lizard

Superfast Cornwall continues its drive to bring fibre broadband to as many homes and businesses in the Cornish region as possible. This week we’ve heard of more FTTP installs in Bodmin, Callington, Hayle, Penryn, Porthtowan, Redruth and Roche as well as the deployment of fibre broadband at The Lizard, the most southerly point of the British mainland.

Today marks the first day that The Lizard benefits from Superfast Cornwall’s upgrade programme, with the Top House Inn chosen as the launch site for Fibre to the Lizard. FTTL?

Let’s hope that the cable company doesn’t start sending lizards down the wire by mistake.

To get a fuller idea of the Superfast Cornwall rollout timetable, download this PDF.


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