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Brownies to get updated internet safety Computer badge

Brownies will learn about internet safety as part of an update to their Computer badge.

The badge was first introduced in 1990 but the march of technology has meant that its has required almost complete reinvention. Tasks such as shutting down computers, cleaning CD-ROMs and using a mouse or joystick have either become obsolete, or redundant as children know them instinctively.

A key element of the new badge is raising awareness of the importance of internet safety, such as protecting personal ‘digital footprints’ and ensuring girls are aware of the information that they share online.

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to Parental Internet SafetyIn addition to online safety, the new badge also promotes making the most of the internet, with tips for blogging, safe sharing platforms, apps and a crash course in internet history. It also has a focus on making computers accessible to those with visual or hearing impairments. Brownies will also be expected to learn coding and write a set of instructions for a moveable device for example a Beebot and make it work

Girlguiding Chief Executive Julie Bentley said: “The Computer Badge resource is packed full of fun and challenging activities designed to give Brownies basic computer skills and the confidence to embrace new technology, whilst ensuring that internet safety is always at the front of their minds.”

“Our research shows that many girls dismiss entire industries – such as science, technology, engineering and maths-based careers. This resource inspires girls to think of a career in a STEM industry as a varied and rewarding option for them.”


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