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BT Broadband bringing 20Mbps speeds to 92 per cent of the UK

BT has announced that top download speeds of 20Mbps will be available to 92 per cent of the UK by Summer 2013.

Work on upgrading the slow, no-faster-than-8Mbps 20th Century Network to the faster 21st Century Network (21CN) was originally due to stop after 90 per cent of the UK can been connected to faster ADSL2+ lines, but now it’s been revealed that more homes and businesses will be able to order in up-to-20Mbps broadband.

BT Broadband bringing 20Mbps top speeds to 92 per cent of the UK
20Mbps for the masses

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The news was broken by ISPreview, who was told that 195 new sites will benefit from improved ADSL speeds, though the final locations have yet to be confirmed.

By this Spring, it’s estimated that 91 per cent of the UK will be able to get up to 20Mbps broadband over the phone lines, with this figure jumping to 92 per cent by the Summer. As well as this, there’s talk this could be expanded further, though there’s “no immediate plans” to act on this yet.

While there’s been plenty of headline-grabbing features about superfast-this and hyperfast-that recently, lets not forget that fibre-based broadband is pipe dream for many. In some cases fibre broadband won’t be headed out to some until late 2015 and even then there will still be some locations off the radar altogether.

By 2015, everyone in the UK should be able to benefit from a broadband service providing speeds of at least 2Mbps, thanks to BDUK investment. It’s expected that those on hard to reach areas will see this delivered by either bonded ADSL or satellite broadband.


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