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BT Cloud takes on Dropbox with 500GB for £9/month

Customers using BT Cloud can now get an extra 500GB of storage for £9/month. 

Customers using BT’s broadband packages already get 5GB free as standard and those forking out for the top tier ADSL and FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) services – that’s Unlimited Broadband Extra and Unlimited BT Infinity 2 – get a bigger 50GB cloud locker as standard. 

Customers not on the Extra and Infinity 2 packages can pay an extra £3/month for 50GB. In total, this sees BT Cloud customers able to get up to 550GB with their broadband. 

Send in the Clouds: BT goes to war with Dropbox but is it the cheapest service out there?
Send in the Clouds: BT goes to war with Dropbox but is it the cheapest service out there?

While this sounds great, how does it compare to the other cloud storage offerings out there? 

BT’s basic service automatically gives you more data than the standard 2GB you get with Dropbox. 

For an extra $9.99/month you can get a bigger 100GB. As Dropbox prices everything in US dollars, Brits pay a converted price – $9.99 currently works out at £5.89. Because the UK currency is generally stronger than the dollar, we tend to get more GBs for our GBP. 

Despite this, BT’s 500GB deal still works out at better value for money – for £3 more a month you’ll get 400GB more than you would with Dropbox. 

Dropbox’s 500GB service costs $49.99/month which currently convertes to around £29.50. 

BT customers may however find better value from Google Drive, which offers 1TB of for $9.99/month – or about £6 in British money. 

Microsoft’s OneDrive service now gives you 15GB for free as standard and Office 365 subscriptions (which start at £5.99/month) now come with 1TB of storage included gratis. 

When BT originally launched its cloud storage service it gave everyone 50GB free. This later was cut to just 2GB before being bumped up to 5GB later. 

Virgin Media subscribers also get 5GB free as standard but can get up up to 50GB of cloud storage depending on the number of accounts they create.