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BT declares dry zones after mopping up more rainy regions

Northern Ireland and eastern England have found more relief from summer storm damage to BT’s exchanges, ducts, cabinets and poles.

The Humber, Northampton and Peterborough regions have been taken off emergency status after the alarm was raised by the effects of heavy rain and lightning in late July.

BT has also given a complete all-clear to Northern Ireland, a week after emergency repairs were tidied up in Belfast.

BT declares dry zones after mopping up more rainy regions
It’s flat by The Humber, so when it floods…

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BT Openreach builds and maintains the phone and broadband connections between many British homes and businesses and BT telephone exchanges.

Areas affected by emergencies such as rain, snow and lightning are placed under a Matters Beyond Our Reasonable Control notice, allowing Openreach to concentrate resources on repairs instead of installing new customer connections or fixing faults.

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