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BT engineers clear out UK snow damage in Northern Ireland

Yes, it’s still snowing and it’s April. BT engineers have been working hard to reconnect those in Northern Ireland and now it’s reported that normal services in Belfast and Province have resumed. 

BT’s MBORC (Measures Beyond our Reasonable Control) status was issued when parts of the country along with areas in north Wales and the Isle of Arran were blasted by the prolonged cold snap. 

The MBORC status in Northern Ireland has finally been lifted but customers in the other affected areas are still waiting to be reconnected. On the Isle of Arran, repair work at four exchanges – Lochranza, Machrie, Pirnmill, Shiskine – is still outstanding as is work in North Wales. 

BT engineers clear out UK snow damage in Northern Ireland
Snow Joke: You might find the snow annoying but if you can read this you’re probably better off than the poor folk on the Isle of Arran

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BT has announced that extra teams of engineers have been assembled to repair the damaged parts to its network and get everyone back online as soon as possible.

BT has waged an almost continual war against the elements for over a year now. When flooding struck parts of the UK back in April 2012, BT had to hire extra help in order to restore people’s phone and broadband. 

Repair work caused by subsequent flooding continued throughout the year and wasn’t finished until December. When snow started melting earlier this year it caused yet more flooding damage to the BT network. Every completed job must feel like a Pyrrhic victory for the engineering teams. 


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