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BT engineers fix busted broadband in Birmingham, Scotland, Swindon and Cumbria

BT Openreach engineers have cleared out the last of the problems that saw customers losing broadband and phone services thanks to the summer storms. 

The MBORC – Measures Beyond Our Reasonable Control – statuses have been lifted in Birmingham and the nearby Black Country, parts of North East Scotland and Cumbria and in Swindon. 

BT Openreach announced that from 23:59 on Tuesday August 20 onwards services in all these areas had returned to normal. 

BT engineers fix busted broadband in Birmingham, Scotland, Swindon and Cumbria
Done and dusted until the next bout of unseasonable British weather

Read more about Why Hasn’t BT Openreach Fixed My Broadband?Services were disrupted across large parts of the country as a result of storms and flash floods in July. BT Openreach is used to dealing with such situations and had its work cut out last year thanks to a triple whammy of the extended winter, followed by flooding caused by melting snow and more floods. 

An MBORC status is declared whenever there is disruption to the Openreach networks that’s been caused by an exterior factor. Usually this is the weather but things like thieves stealing copper out of the ground will also interfere with broadband services.

Normally when copper is stolen it doesn’t take as long for engineers to repair, as water damage can cause more extensive problems. BT also has developed its own early warning technology to help bring copper criminals to justice. 



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