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BT fails finals as it overcharges students on 9-month deals

Students have reported BT demanding early termination fees after their nine-month broadband deals were wrongly billed as 12-month contracts.

The shorter deals were advertised by BT to coincide with the university term, and should be ending between now and August depending on when they began.

However, a billing mistake means some students are receiving bills for the extra three months – and a £30 early termination charge if they try to quit BT’s service.

You wouldn't object if these three were overcharged, but they're not the only ones
You wouldn’t object if these three were overcharged, but they’re not the only ones

One student, Lucy, told “They said we had to pay £55 for the free of charge Hub because this was on a 12 month contract – which we were terminating early. 

“I don’t remember them mentioning this when we signed up for our student broadband.”.

The ISP offers special deals to lure students, ranging from £14 a month plus £15.99 line rental and a £30 activation charge for its 40GB limited broadband, to £16 a month plus £15.99 line rental for an unlimited service.

BT couldn’t say how it would ensure students signing up to its broadband won’t be  incorrectly billed when they start university again in September or October.

BT said: “We apologise to the small number of students affected by this billing issue and will refund those who have found themselves in this situation.”

Any students who have experienced similar billing issues should contact BT’s customer services for a refund, or if they haven’t paid the charges yet, ask for the costs to be removed from their account.


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