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BT free TV with broadband: what do you get?


BT Vision Essential

What is it?

BT DSL broadband and phone with the entry-level BT Vision TV Replay live and on-demand TV package included, plus the BT Vision+ box and BT Home Hub Router.

What does it cost?

£17/month plus £10.75 line rental, with a one-off activation fee of £40, making a total of £30.08/month over the minimum 12-month contract. There’s also a £6.95 delivery charge.

BT Vision

What do they say?

Alex Green, TV commercial and product director, BT Vision, said: “BT Vision is the fastest-growing digital TV service in the UK because it gives viewers exactly what they want: great TV, film and sport when it’s convenient for them to watch.

“We’re delighted to offer it free for a limited period so that even more people can see what they’ve been missing.”

Are there any special offers?

For a limited period it’s £13/month for the first year, then £18/month unless you cancel the TV (saving £4/month). That’s a monthly average of £27.08/month.

If you go online it’s £4/month for the first six months, then £17/month with an 18-month broadband contract and a 12-month TV contract, making £13.83/month for the first year.

What do I get?

Up-to-16Mbps ADSL2+ broadband, with a 10GB monthly download allowance and inclusive evening and weekend calls to UK landlines. It also includes unlimited BT Wi-Fi at more than four million UK hotspots.

A BT Vision+ box with twin Freeview tuners and a 500GB hard disc are standard, plus the BT Home Hub 3 wireless router. If you leave within 12 months, you pay £199 for the BT Vision+ and £49 for the BT Home Hub 3.

BT Vision includes all the Freeview channels plus the TV Replay package, which gives catch-up TV highlights from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 for the past seven days, and doesn’t count against your download allowance. There are also thousands of TV shows and films on-demand from 99p per view.

Who does it apply to?

Only new or returning BT broadband customers can apply for the offer, and payments must be by Direct Debit.

Is this YouView?

No. BT Hasn’t launched its YouView packages yet, and we don’t know what services will be offered in addition to the standard YouView offer, or whether YouView viewing over broadband will count against your broadband allowance.

Can I get TV Essential with any other broadband packages?

Yes. TV Essential is available with 40GB and unlimited broadband usage, Anytime UK calls, and Infinity up-to-76Mbps FTTC broadband.

Where can I find out more?

Customers can find out more at or by calling 0800 800150. 


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