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BT grovels as TV complaints surge to 10 times Sky and Virgin’s moans

BT has apologised after the launch of BT Sport saw complaints about BT surge to ten times those of of Sky and Virgin Media.

Already high, complaints to media regulator Ofcom about BT’s TV service more than doubled to one for every 1,800 customers from June to the end of September.

The average for BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media is one for every 17,000 customers, with Sky at one in 50,000, and Virgin at one for every 20,000.

BT grovels as TV complaints surge to 10 times Sky and Virgin’s moans
We’re going to need a bigger scale

BT said: “BT apologises to BT TV customers who suffered poor service during the summer. 

“The main reason for this was the unprecedented volume of interest in BT Sport and our efforts to provide availability on multiple TV platforms in a very short space of time. 

“We are disappointed with the result and we accept that we failed to reach the high standards that customers expect from BT during these weeks. 

“We are now seeing much reduced complaints figures, back to the levels we saw prior to the BT Sport launch.”

BT said the launch of BT Sport as a free channel had ‘confused’ some customers when it became an encrypted channel.

More than a million homes were signed up to BT Sport by the beginning of the football season, via satellite, digital terrestrial TV, broadband multicast TV and the mobile and tablet app.

BT’s complaints figures don’t include complaints made about BT Sport to Virgin, but do include those for satellite TV, where customers pay BT direct for the channels.

TalkTalk TV, which launched a year ago, is not yet included in the TV section of this Ofcom report.

Stats note: We’ve rounded up the complaints to two significant figures to make them more palatable. You can find the detailed figures in the Ofcom Telecoms and Pay TV Complaints Q3 (July to September) 2013.


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