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BT halves Infinity 1 fibre and BT Broadband prices in January Sale

BT has halved the prices of its fibre-based Infinity 1 and regular BT Broadband services for the first six months of an 18 month contract. 

As part of a seasonal January Sale, the UK’s biggest ISP will initially charge just £7.50/month for Infinity 1, which provides download speeds of up to 38Mbps, upload speeds of 9.5Mbps and a monthly download cap of 20GB. 

Regular ADSL package BT Broadband, which provides top download speeds of 16Mbps, uploads of just under 1Mbps (according to the last Ofcom figures) and a download limit of 10GB, will cost £5/month for six months. 

BT halves Infinity 1 fibre and BT broadband prices in January Sale
Beat the January Blues: BT halves entry level broadband package prices for half a year

After the six months are up, the regular prices of £15/month and £10/month will be applied. 

Pete Oliver, managing director of BT Consumer, said: “We know that customers are looking to cut costs and are searching for great bargains to get the New Year off to a flying start. 

“This year, as well as that smart TV or shiny new fridge, customers can grab a top quality BT Infinity deal that will deliver superfast speeds for the kind of price people were paying for dial-up a few years ago.” 

While the offers represent savings of £45 and £25 respectively, they arrive ahead of a rise in line rental due to take effect from January 4 onwards. The current rate of line rental is £15.45/month which is to increase to £15.99/month. BT announced the line rental rise last September

Despite the line rental going up, BT customers will be able to benefit from some extra services such as access to the BT Sport apps and online player and recently launched parental controls. BT Broadband customers will get dual-band Home Hub 4 router included for free. 

BT Infinity 1 customers will get a free Home Hub 5 thrown in, which doesn’t require you to plug into a separate Openreach VDSL modem and provides faster WiFi AC speeds around the home. 

Weekend calls to UK landlines (01, 02, 03 and 0845/0870) are included as standard with both packages. 

Customers who exceed the 20GB and 10GB monthly caps will be charged an extra £5 per 5GB, but will be notified by BT in advance by email if they’re reaching their monthly limit. 


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