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BT Line Rental Saver cranked up to £141 a year

BT has upped the cost of its Line Rental Saver plan to £141 a year. This one-off fee works out cheaper than the standard rate for line rental in the long term. 

By paying up front you’re parting with the equivalent of £11.75/month instead of the standard rate of line rental, which is £15.45/month. 

Until recently, BT charged £129 up front for Line Rental Saver which worked out at £10.75/month. 

BT Line Rental Saver cranked up to £141 a year
BT Line Rental Saver: Now several hundreds of pennies more expensive

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to Broadband Line Rental charges for 2013The price change is already in effect but won’t apply to anyone who has already coughed up for the year’s line rental. Additionally BT has committed to a price freeze until 2014, meaning the standard rate of line rental won’t go up until next year. 

So why the change? It’s not, as some have argued, linked to the upcoming launch of BT Sport, something the company spent £736 million on. A BT source told us: 

“We’ve spent less than £1 billion on sports rights but we’re investing £2.5 billion in superfast fibre-based broadband for the UK. Why would the changes be to pay for the sports rights when we’re spending more than twice as much on infrastructure to bring fibre-based broadband across the UK?” 

BT argues that despite the price increase, the Line Rental Saver option represents a £44 annual saving and are cheaper than the standard line rental rates offered by the likes of Sky and TalkTalk. Which is true, but Sky and TalkTalk have some pretty nice line rental saver deals of their own… 

However you spin it, prices increases are rarely welcome. Those who want to seek out a Line Rental Saver option from BT will now have to find £12 more than they would have done a year ago.  


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