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BT matches Virgin speeds with first 100Mbps office block fibre installation

BT Business has installed the UK’s multi-office business fibre-to-the-premises installation delivering up to 100Mbps down and 15Mbps up.

The new BT Infinity for Business connection provides ultra-fast internet access to multiple office units at Acorn House in Milton Keynes, including WiFi for the building’s cafe and meeting rooms.

BT Business and BT Openreach worked together to deliver the UK’s first fibre-to-the-premises installation, following trials at nearby Bradwell Abbey.

BT Openreach engineer at work

Lisa Ravenscroft, head of fibre broadband and value added services, BT Business, said: “We are at the forefront of the fibre revolution for businesses in the UK and this is a real milestone in being able to provide the best technology to all types of customer.

“Fibre to the Premises offers super-fast speed for both uploading and downloading. It’s ideal for data-intensive work, and it is also an enabler for organisations of all sizes and types that want to take advantage of the latest technologies, like video-conferencing and remote data backup, which help them to improve efficiency and cut costs.”

Openreach is spending £2.5billion to deploy a fibre-optic network passing two-thirds of UK homes and businesses by the end of 2014.

It’s being launched at 100Mbps, but will be offered at 300Mbps from Spring 2013 as part of BT’s network upgrade plan.

Acorn House is owned by the MK Community Foundation and hosts a range of local voluntary sector services.
Stephen Miles, Acorn House building manager, said: “We have always strived to ensure our tenants can access the latest technologies as it’s central to the efficient running of their vital community services. 

“Offering super-fast broadband speeds sets us apart from other local providers and is another benefit for our clients who use our conference and meeting room facilities.”

Much of Virgin Media’s broadband network has been able to offer 100Mbps broadband for some time. Virgin 100Mbps is now available to all seven million homes and businesses passed by the cable network, and is currently being upgraded to 120Mbps. 

Openreach is also conducting a trial of fibre-to-the-home for apartment buildings and is seeking 1,000 buildings to take part. Residents will get 100Mbps broadband to begin, with 300Mbps expected in Spring 2013.

Both residents and landlords can apply to have their buildings included in the superfast broadband for apartments pilot scheme.