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BT Mobile: What it means for BT Broadband customers

Guess who’s back? BT is once again selling mobile services in the UK and it’s BT Broadband customers who stand to get the best deals. 

For example, the top level BT Mobile SIM only deal that gives you 20GB of 4G data plus unlimited minutes and texts will cost £20/month if you get your Internet service from BT and £25/month if you don’t. 

We’ve covered the tariffs in detail here which shows you exactly how much BT Broadband customers stand to save – £5/month off the regular asking price.

Aside from a welcome discount, what other mobile perks do BT Broadband customers benefit from? 

The much-talked about ‘inside-out network’ service is not ready yet. This will let you make and receive calls over WiFi connections, essentially using your wireless router as a signal booster if regular coverage sucks in your home. 

EE, which BT is poised to buy, has already greenlit the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and others for its WiFi Calling service

Read our feature on BT’s bid for EE and what it means for EE customersIt just so happens that all of the BT Mobile contracts announced so far come with unlimited BT WiFi access. There are currently over 5 million BT WiFi hotspots active across the UK, so once the switch is thrown on that, you can see how this could be useful when out and about as well. 

John Petter, chief executive of BT Consumer, said: “Offering BT customers the UK’s best value 4G data deal is a great way to start our journey towards re-establishing ourselves as a major player in consumer mobile. 

“These great value deals are a thank you from us to loyal BT Broadband homes. We are offering customers a new type of great value mobile deal that offers more than just data, minutes and texts. 
“We are offering 4G on the UK’s biggest network along with unlimited access to the most extensive WiFi coverage via our 5 million BT Wi-fi hotspot network. 

BT hasn’t announced whether the ‘inside out’ service will be exclusive to BT Broadband customers or not, but mentions that it’s part of a broader strategy. It’s not clear if this includes the option for BT TV customers to have greater control of their recordings and content from their phones. 

BT Mobile customers can also access BT Sport regardless of whether they have BT Broadband. If you’ve got a Chromecast, you can get all of BT’s Premier League football games on your TV without the need for a BT TV subscription. 


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