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BT network in shock after summer lightning strikes ducts and poles

BT engineers are on an emergency footing after summer storms damaged its networks from Scotland to Southend.

Openreach, which maintains BT’s exchanges and customer connections, has issued an emergency warning for 15 regions.

The Matters Beyond Our Reasonable Control notice is an ‘Act of God’ clause which excuses Openreach from meeting its commitments to repair times and appointments.

BT network in shock after summer lightning strikes ducts and poles
Shocking stuff if you run a network like BT Openreach

Read Why hasn’t BT Openreach fixed my broadband?“Earlier this week, as we came to the end of the recent heatwave, numerous parts of the UK experienced multiple lightning strikes and storm activity, resulting in network damage and a major increase in fault intake on Tuesday,” said an Openreach statement to ISPs.

“We are actively directing available resource into these areas in order to bring the position back to normal as quickly as possible.”

The affected areas by the MBORC are: 

  • North East Scotland
  • South West Scotland 
  • Central Scotland 
  • South East Scotland 
  • Cumbria 
  • Derby & Nottingham 
  • Leicester 
  • Coventry 
  • Northampton 
  • Swindon 
  • Peterborough 
  • Southend 
  • Cambridge & Chelmsford 
  • Luton 
  • East Downs 

Image: Kelly DeLay/Flickr


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