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BT OnLive introductory price cut by a third for first three months

Cloud-based video games service BT OnLive has been cut in cost by a third for new players on BT Broadband and Infinity.

A monthly all-you-can-play subscription now costs £1.99 for the first three months, instead of £6.99, with no long-term contract.

OnLive Arena

OnLive hosts around 200 popular games on servers which can be accessed via a PC, tablets, smartphones or TV without a dedicated console or high-end gaming PC.

Players must register by the end of May 2012, and is open only to BT Broadband and BT Infinity users who meet the minimum requirement of a 3Mbps broadband connection.

PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone players simply have to download the OnLive Desktop or app, while TV players need to buy the OnLive Game System, a high definition micro-console which connects between your broadband and TV, with a wireless gamepad for control.

OnLive is also integrated into all Google TV devices, which only need a wireless controller to play, and it lets users access Microsoft Office applications without a PC.