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BT Openreach claims faster broadband makes customers more whiny

Broadband users are more likely to complain about connection problems as they grow to rely on faster and reliable broadband, claims BT Openreach.

The UK’s largest telecoms network provider is dealing with record levels of complaints, 11 per cent higher than a year ago.

The first week of October saw a three-year high of 80,000 reported faults, with 25,000 repairs on the book and problem areas in Scotland, Yorkshire, North Wales, North Midlands and Wessex.

BT Openreach claims faster broadband makes customers more whiny
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Why hasn’t BT Openreach fixed my broadband?The latest service update from BT Openreach adds: “The spread of broadband and demands on speed and sensitivity, meaning that customers have a much greater propensity to report faults. 

“To put this in context, as recently as five years ago our combined intake for both repair and provision was around today’s level for just repair.”

The Wessex area, which includes an MBORC emergency status in Exeter, is scheduled to be recovered by October 19 if there’s no significantly worse weather.

MBORC (Matters Beyond Our Reasonable Control) declarations usually follow extreme weather, and allow Openreach to suspend its usual commitments to ISPs.

Openreach warned high winds and rain predicted for the next few days could deliver a wave of new faults from flooding and lightning.

But weather-related MBORCs are running at around half the rate of 2012, despite a higher level of fault intakes.

If the organisation can maintain the current level of more than 150,000 repairs and installations per week, its repair backlog will be reduced to 20 days by October 18.


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